"I think that, you know, when someone comes into your life…that you have a strong response to that. I definitely have a strong response to people that come into my life and go like, ‘I accept you as you, and I want you to be the best version of you.’ And he’s doing that for her."

Jennifer Morrison on Emma’s romance with Captain Hook [X]

All hail to the Queen of the Jolly Roger CS ship!

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"What did I tell you Mates? You don’t need a ship to be a Pirate!"

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3x17 Episode Analysis [aka too emotional to think of a title]


So normally, in my metas, I divide the episode up in to parts and talk about each character/plot development. WELL, NOT THIS ONE. THIS META IS EXCLUSIVELY ABOUT CAPTAIN SWAN.

Since this meta is all Captain Swan, I’m going to break it up into sub sections. We’ll start with Hook and Henry, move on to the Jolly Roger, go to Hook, and then finish up with Emma and my final (sobbing) thoughts.

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this moment right here is so gorgeous and so important, Emma has to focus on a true love couple being reunited together, and what she sees - and the image that makes her eyes to flutter - is her and Killian together, she sees them together and this is how she finds a way to spark her magic.

Magic is emotion, and here, it’s hope, it’s love, that had Emma doing this.

She used the hope and love of a true love couple to find another one. Her reflection with Killian at her side is what made her make magic

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